CEV Under Age
CEV U22 European Championships 2021
May 12 - 16, 2021
Olivers Bulgacs/Davis Teteris, Latvia
Olivers Bulgacs
Photo not available
Personal Info
Birth Date: Feb 11, 2004 (17 yrs old)
Seasons: 1
Tournaments: 0
Career Best: First event
Career Winnings: US$0.00
Davis Teteris
Photo: CEV
Personal Info
Birth Date: Mar 5, 2004 (17 yrs old)
Seasons: 2
Tournaments: 1
Career Best: 17th (CEV Under Age Izmir 2020)
Career Winnings: US$0.00
Team Career Summary 
Previous Baden Results  Neither player has played in this venue before
Recent Results  Have not played together in the last year
Head to Head Results
Has not played anyone in this tournament or no head-to-head data is available