FIVB World Tour
US$300,000 Cancun Hub - 2nd Event
April 22 - 26, 2021
Farid Mussa/Vicente Salazar, Venezuela
Farid Mussa
Photo: FIVB
Personal Info
Birth Date: Apr 28, 1984 (36 yrs old)
Home Town: Valencia
Resides: Caracas
Height: 192 cm (6'4")
Weight: 93 kg (205 lb)
Seasons: 11
Tournaments: 49
Career Best: 7th (FIVB Sanya 2008)
Career Winnings: US$27,225.00
Vicente Salazar
Photo not available
Personal Info
Seasons: 1
Tournaments: 0
Career Best: First event
Career Winnings: US$0.00
Team Career Summary 
Previous Cancun Results 
YearPartner - ResultPartner - Result
2021 Vicente Salazar - 0th Farid Mussa - 0th
Recent Results  Have not played together in the last year
Head to Head Results
Has not played anyone in this tournament or no head-to-head data is available